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STATE Optical Co.

About Us:

For over five decades, CENOCO/Central Optical Company has served the optical industry.
In late 2015, CENOCO, the frame division, individualized itself from its lab counterpart, Central Optical Company, and became Europa Eyewear Canada.

From everyday eyewear to collections appealing to the most distinguished fashion trend setter, Europa continues to deliver high quality and value to eyewear consumers.

Europa is a sum of its parts...a team of dedicated employees committed to providing outstanding service to each and every customer. For over 50 years Europa has successfully built its reputation based on its philosophy of "quality products, outstanding value and unbeatable service".

Europa's mission is to continue to develop our vendor-customer partnerships by supporting our customers with high quality eyewear, creative point-of-sale materials and a team of dedicated eyewear experts.

CENOCO/Central Optical Company and Europa Eyewear Canada were featured in the Nov-Dec 2015 issue of Envision Magazine. It begins by giving background to our relationship with Europa International, and then tells the story of our company, beginning as a family optometric practice in downtown Winnipeg in the 1950's.

Read about our history, and our changes, and our future in the November/December 2015 issue of Envision Magazine!

Envision Magazine: Framing Eyes and Making History

Europa Eyewear Canada looks forward to contributing to our customer's success, today, and in the future.