American Made Luxury
makes its mark
STATE Optical Co.

Envision Magazine, November-December 2015
Framing Eyes and Making History

CENOCO/Central Optical Company and Europa Eyewear Canada were featured in the Nov-Dec 2015 issue of Envision Magazine. It begins by delving into the background of our relationship with Europa International. It then tells the story of our company, beginning in the 1950's as a family optometric practice in downtown Winnipeg, and the evolution from CENOCO to Europa Eyewear Canada.

20/20 Magazine, April 2017
State of the Art

20/20 Magazine, March 2016
Heads of State

20/20 Magazine, September 2015
State Witness

Europa International builds a frame factory in Illinois and begins production on Made-In-America luxury eyewear, STATE Optical Co.