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Introducing the STATE Artisan Series
STATE Optical Co. is excited to release the first collection in our new collaborative artisan series - STATE x Japan. This collection explores how craftsmen with different specializations can come together to create a frame that is greater than the sum of its parts, blending luxury acetate and beta-titanium components.

STATE’s first Artisan Series collaboration led us to Sabae, Japan, where Japanese craftsmen created the world’s first titanium eyeglasses and developed an unparalleled reputation. In this collection, artisans from both Sabae and Chicago showcase their craft, joining the finest Japanese-made beta-titanium temples with STATE’s luxurious American-made acetate fronts. that showcase the superior craft and elevated color stories STATE has always been known for.

These mark the first STATE frames to feature metal components. “For years we've recognized the need for metals in the STATE collection and felt that, due to the luxury price point and market status of STATE, the metal components should be titanium. Without titanium manufacturing capabilities in our Chicago factory, we set out to find like-minded artisans with whom we could collaborate, thereby creating the ‘STATE Artisan Series.’ We decided to partner with a factory out of the Fukui prefecture in Japan, as they are known for the world’s finest titanium eyewear. We look forward to an ongoing partnership, continuing to work closely together and creating new titanium and combination styles for this series.” - Scott Shapiro, STATE Optical Co. CEO.

STATE x Japan is designed in Chicago, USA by STATE designer Nico Roseillier, but draws inspiration from the rich history and tradition of fine Japanese craftsmanship. The custom monoblock hinge design combines Japanese precision with American style with references to STATE’s signature pyramidal hinge. The temples are crafted from beta titanium (a highly flexible form of titanium). Each temple is ergonomically curved for comfort and, as the temple bends, you’ll see its profile transition from rectangular to round for easy adjustments. The signature pyramidal STATE temple tip has been translated into titanium and stamped with 21 dots to represent Illinois, the 21st state of the union, and home to STATE’s factory and craftsmen.

We're excited to continue to grow our collaboration with the craftsmen of Sabae, Japan and will be releasing new STATE x Japan styles throughout 2021. See the latest styles here.

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