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Intelligent Authentic Soulful
STATE Optical Co. believes in making things ourselves. All STATE glasses are handcrafted in our Chicago factory by a team of 65 talented and dedicated craftsmen out to prove they can make some of the best luxury eyewear in the world.
Maverick Cool Commanding
American Optical
AO Eyewear prides itself on quality and timeless American style, since 1833. AO sunglasses have been proudly worn by JFK, the Apollo 11 crew, and countless film stars. Every AO frame is handcrafted by a team of skilled artisans in our Illinois factory with the finest globally sourced components.
Dynamic Fresh Energetic
Scott Harris
Designer Scott Harris Shapiro grew up surrounded by eyewear and believes glasses should help you stand out, not blend in. “Eyewear should naturally fit both your face and your personality, and it should be unique enough to fit them both perfectly. ” - Scott Harris Shapiro
Sophisticated Confident Distinctive
Eyewear, even more so than jewelry, becomes an important part of how the world sees you. Cinzia designer, Cynthia Shapiro, takes that very seriously. Designed to be distinctive, and always sophisticated, Cinzia is eyewear for the woman unafraid to be herself.
Pragmatic Comfortable Comprehensive
Michael Ryen
Some decisions are complicated, choosing eyewear doesn’t have to be. It needs to fit. It needs to feel good. It needs to look good. Michael Ryen is committed to taking the guesswork out by providing quality, polished eyewear to men in a wide range of sizes.
Feminine Elegant Delicate
Cote D’Azur
Cote D’Azur eyewear is designed to highlight your natural beauty and help it shine through. As much attention is paid to function as it is to form. Only premium materials are used and each frame is designed to work with any prescriptions.
Sweet Playful Curious
db4k hereby proclaims, wearing glasses should be fun! That’s why we make cool frames for little ones. With the right db4k, your vision won’t be blurry, And with db4k quality, Mom and Dad won’t worry.  
Fun Trendy Explorative
Adin Thomas
Style has to keep up, not hold us back. Adin Thomas believes eyewear should be adventurous yet wearable. Designed to be accessible to all, Adin Thomas styles range from trendy to traditional with a frame to fit every face.
Primary Easy Simple
See well, look good, and don’t fret about the cost. Attractive, quality eyewear doesn’t have to break the bank. Elements prides itself in routinely releasing stylish frames for men, women and children.
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